Thank you for an amazing week!

Dear SATELLITE 2022 community,

The SATELLITE team and I would like to thank you, your team, and your organizations for joining us in Washington D.C. for what turned out to be an amazing event that exceeded even our most optimistic expectations! We are thrilled by the turnout and, for the first time in two years, SATELLITE has made us feel that things are finally returning to normal.

The feedback I’ve received from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Typically our team fields a wide range of compliments and constructive criticism, but this year felt different. We were touched by the outpouring of thanks we received. It’s now clear just how important this opportunity was to reconnect with colleagues and customers and to talk about the products and services you have to offer the world.

The bar is now being set very high for SATELLITE 2023. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome so if you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to fill out the post-show survey we’ve sent out via email. A call for proposals for the SATELLITE 2023 conference program will be launching in early June, so be on the lookout!

Once again, thank you for making it out to SATELLITE 2022 and spending the week with us in the nation’s capital. It is our privilege to serve the satellite industry and its community. We admire how intelligent, enthusiastic, and engaging you are, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your organizations.


Jeffrey Hill, Conference Chair
Lauren Forrer, Conference Manager
and the entire SATELLITE 2022 Team